Corporate Pilates Classes

Oh the convenience of working out at work!  Pilates is extremely accessible to workplace wellness enthusiasts, all that is needed is some floor space, a mat and comfy workout clothes. You can get away from your desk but don't have to leave the office.

Employers - the benefits are there for you too, even if you're not attending class! Employees are the most valuable asset to any company. Providing staff with workplace wellness programs, has demonstrated a positive impact on the success of companies by improving general wellbeing of staff, adding to workplace satisfaction as well as raising retention rates and offering appeal to potential employees.  Gráinne has worked with a wide range of companies including TBWA, Boys & Girls, Irish International BBDO, Transport Infrastructure Ireland, PHD & OMD Media - click here to see what her clients have to say

Morning, lunchtime and post work class packages are available.  For more information, for a quote or to discuss availability please get in touch.