Personal Training Client Testimonials

"I started training with Gráinne three years ago when I had a very complicated foot injury that meant my usual forms of exercise; hiking and climbing, were denied me. Gráinne designed a low impact high intensity workout regime for me which meant I could still get the workout while rehabilitating my foot injury. Now my injury is healed I still go and love every session. Gráinne can mix it up so that no two workouts are the same which keeps me interested and more importantly working hard. She continually upgrades her knowledge so she is fully up to date with what is happening in the health and fitness industry. I work as a Yoga/Pilates instructor myself so I know a good instructor when I see one.  I have already recommended Gráinne to friends and will keep doing so."
Pauline  M.

"I started seeing Gráinne predictably in January and we worked out a food and exercise plan which was tailored to suit my lifestyle.  Like most middle agers who had let excess catch up I was really nervous and reluctant to take control and face up to a few truths but Gráinne’s naturally optimistic 'can do' encouragement meant I never felt bad about myself. Take a deep breath as I would encourage anyone to take the full plunge... I was amazed at how quickly I felt better and the results came in. I would highly recommend Gráinne's personal and friendly approach, the training sessions are an hour long and varied so it never gets boring. In only 5 months I feel much better, more confident, dropped a clothes size, lost 8 kilos and most importantly none of it has been unpleasant. I’ve picked up lifestyle options I can easily maintain forever and I actually enjoy working out!"
Andrew  B.

My back was quite weak due to a repetitive sports injury from when I was younger. I never properly addressed it and subsequently became less active in my adult life, which meant weight gain, muscle tightness, and generally being out of shape. Grainne changed all that. Her positive attitude, compassion, and genuine interest in my progress has really improved my level of fitness, strength, and flexibility. She takes the time to teach you how the body works, and her patience and great sense of humour make the sessions fun too! Her enthusiasm has encouraged me to maintain my fitness and diet in my own time as well, which is half the battle I think. She is just a fantastic person and I couldn't recommend her highly enough. Thanks Grainne!
Andy S.

"Gráinne became my trainer after I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. Despite being very active , the news left me feeling “frail” and a bit down.  But I was also determined to do what I could to improve my health while making sure I did no harm.  This is where Gráinne arrived on the scene!  Gráinne understood the condition and customised the sessions to build strength safely.  She also made the sessions fun and always different!  She even got me boxing.  I highly recommend Gráinne as a trainer.  Whatever your age or goals, she will help you achieve them."
Mary  D.

"Gráinne is so encouraging and upbeat that you (almost) don' t realise that you are working out! 
I couldn't recommend her more highly."  
Niamh  O.

"I have gone to Gráinne's Pilates classes and personal training sessions over the last year and have found both to be excellent. Gráinne takes the time to make sure your goals are really individualised, modifies any of the exercises to match what you can achieve and is a great motivator to get that extra 10%. I've been really delighted to see the results of my sessions with Gráinne both in terms of general fitness and strength and changes in areas we've worked on like upper arms. Most importantly I've always enjoyed the sessions and looked forward to working with Gráinne which really makes a difference."
Noreen O.  

"I'm very new to fitness and exercise in general. After a few sessions with Grá, I'm really starting to feel the benefit.  
Her sessions are quite varied and she will adapt the session based on your ability.  She's hard on your without you knowing she's being hard on you, which is good!!"
Noel  B.

"Gráinne has been my Personal Trainer for nearly a year now, she is such a great teacher! Her sessions are never boring & always different, she works me very hard & has a lovely manner when doing so. She is a great motivator, makes her sessions fun & not like you are in some type of military camp! After her sessions I always feel like my body has had a really good work out, I do feel sore, I call it a good sore - no pain no gain!  Since I have started with Gráinne I have a lot more energy, feel a lot stronger in every sense & feel more confident in my body. I think Gráinne is a really lovely person & an amazing trainer. I would highly recommend Gráinne to anyone!"
Anna  C.

I attended Grainne's Personal Training sessions over the last six months. I was new to anything like this.  Grainne really listened to what I wanted to achieve from the sessions. I could feel and see the benefits of the sessions within a few times of going to Grainne.  I feel stronger and more confident with my body.  I highly recommend Grainne as a trainer. 

Kate M