Pilates Testimonials

"I was never a fan of the gym. I found it boring with little results. I took up Pilates with Grainne about a year ago and I’m thrilled that I have found something that I really enjoy doing. Its not a chore and each week is different. Ive noticed loads of results too so it will be something I would be happy to keep up. Grainne is great. The class really is for all levels and she gives you alternatives if you find some of the moves too difficult."

"We love our sessions with Grainne.  She is brilliant at managing the level of the group.  Despite varying degrees of fitness amongst us, we all get a great workout.  At the sametime, Grainne is very safety conscious and encourages us to work within any limitations, offering modifications where required.  Her personal enthusiasm for healthy living is infectious.  She is also eagle eyed.  There is no place to hide in her class!"

"I have attended Pilates classes with Gráinne for the past year.  While Gráinne is a dedicated and knowledgable Pilates instructor what makes her classes really special and a joy to attend is her kind and caring attention to each class member’s needs.  Each week Gráinne challenges us with a varied and demanding programme which is always carefully tailored to our personal capabilities.  I feel I am in safe hands with Grainne and would highly recommend her blend of expertise and her personal gentleness, compassion and sense of fun."

"I’ve never been a big ‘exercise’ person. and am completely new to pilates. Since joining the class two months ago I find  my whole body is looser, more fluid. I hadn’t realised how little I use most of it. I feel full of energy and am standing and walking straighter. It’s as though my body was asleep and has woken up. Exercise has never been so enjoyable and Gráinne’s constant encouragement and good humour really drives the class. I’d encourage anyone to give it a go." 

"You know you've found the right instructor when it's not a big deal to drag yourself out of bed extra early on a week day for a Pilates class!  Grainne's style is intuitive, natural and reflects the level and even mood of the class she is teaching.  No two weeks were the same and the flow of movement ensured I always had a choice between challenging myself and having a calmer ' wake me up class.'  Grainne introduces humour also which is always welcome!"

Corporate Pilates Testimonials

"Gráinne is a great instructor, even after a pretty vigorous class you leave feeling really positive and enthusiastic to keep going!"

"Gráinne is a wonderful Pilates instructor. She varies and adapts the class format all the  me so her classes are always interesting and challenging. She is also so genuinely interested in your personal progress that it's easy to stay encouraged and motivated.  But more than that Gráinne is so warm and funny, her Pilates classes are actually lots of fun to attend!"

"The Pilates is an intense and efficient lunch time workout, Gráinne always keeps it interesting & mixes up the exercises and knows just how much she can stretch us (literally!)."

"Gráinne is an excellent instructor. She ensures each class is challenging but do‐able and changes up the classes each session.  I couldn't recommend her highly enough."

"It's so convenient to be able to fit in a class at lunchtime. I always go back to my desk with a feeling of well-being and of having been pleasantly stretched!"

"First time signing up for Pilates and only regret is that I didn't do it sooner. Great exercise in its own right but also an essential element for developing flexibility and strength for other sports such as cycling and running. Can really note the difference, especially in core strength.
Gráinne is an excellent instructor, identifying areas of weakness and developing specific targeted exercises to overcome these issues.
Pilates is now a main stream part of my exercise programme and will extend my triathlon years into the future."