South Dublin city based, 'Grá For Fitness' was launched by Gráinne O'Driscoll in February 2016 providing personal training and Pilates classes, offering accessible fitness solutions with an empathetic, goal orientated and fun approach to exercising.  

You may love exercise therefore doing a yoga or Pilates class or a personal training session is more of a treat than a trial, or perhaps you've always loathed exercise but have decided it's time to take a more proactive approach to your health, and want to stage your own wellness intervention!  The Grá For Fitness belief is that there's something for pretty much everyone in the wonderful world of exercise and fitness, regardless of age or exercise history.  Finding your own 'grá for fitness' can be very rewarding from that happy hormone endorphin release to the achievement of your own goals be they improved strength, flexibility, weight loss, cardio-vascular fitness or perhaps just improving your overall well-being.