“Grainne's classes were a great find as they really are something special. There is something serene about Grainne herself that engenders a homely, welcoming and friendly atmosphere that generates cohesiveness. In a gentle manner, she manages to put the class through their paces and pushes each person to their limit.
Another unique feature is that no class is ever the same – Grainne often concentrates on stretches with specific areas of the body - I remember one particularly pleasurable class where she concentrated on foot movements and another on hands. I go back again and again.”
Mary – Pilates Sculpt & Tone

“Grainne always offers modifications of exercises to account for any injuries in the class, and she somehow remembers everybody's name, injury history and personal facts about them, even if she's only met them once before; it's a gift and she should probably work as a Garda detective with skills like that.  
Grainne is cheerful, friendly and never takes offense at us groaning and begging for mercy. She knows exactly how to pitch a class to people with a wide range of fitness levels, and encourages small, personal improvements each week.  Classes with Grainne are more like a personal training session because she is always walking around to check your form and encouraging small adjustments to work the muscle just right. Grainne never 'phones it in' and she really seems to care about helping people improve their health.
I have been to many yoga and pilates classes in my life, with a varied assortment of instructors, and I think Grainne is one of the most engaged, knowledgeable and personable instructors I have ever had.”  
Joanne – Corporate Pilates / Yoga

“I started working with Grainne in an attempt to help what was then intractable pelvic pain, hypertonic pelvic floor and vulvodynia. I knew yoga and stretching exercises might help but I was afraid of doing anything to make my condition worse. Feeling overwhelmed I asked Grainne to design a programme for me focusing on supporting my recovery. Grainne distilled her deep knowledge into a programme combining exercises and breath work that felt ‘doable’ and useful.
She worked at my pace and her quiet confidence and ‘can do’ attitude really helped me relax and feel safe doing yoga. - something I had previously loved. I would describe progressing over the months as an empowering and transformative experience for me. Her classes were always enjoyable and fun and were a key component in my recovery from chronic pain. I can’t recommend Grainne enough.”
Terry – One to One Yoga

“I’ve found Grainne’s Pilates classes so brilliant. I’ve done yoga in the past and loved it for its various benefits, but it has never really improved my fitness.  Six weeks into Grainne’s course, I managed to knock nearly 3 mins off my 5k running time, which had been stuck at 30mins years!”
Viv – Ranelagh Pilates

"Having avoided any form of exercise (other than walking) for most of my life, it was a big decision for me to join a Pilates class. I'm delighted I chose this one. Gráinne, as well as being hugely knowledgeable, is unfailingly encouraging and enthusiastic. Her good humour makes the classes fun and her ability to vary them from week to week means they never feel repetitive. Being new to Pilates, I also really appreciated how she takes the time to explain what we're doing and modify movements if needed, so that you never feel something is completely beyond you."
Jean – Sculpt & Tone Pilates

“I have been practicing yoga about 4 years, 1 of those with Gráinne . By far Gráinne is the most knowledgeable teacher I have had both in terms of yoga knowledge and general physiology. She explains every posture in such detail that you know exactly where you should be at all times. She knows exactly when to push you to work hard without over doing it. It’s never an easy class but in a good way.

She has a great attitude and always has time to answer any questions you might have after practice. I would recommend Gráinne for beginners right through to seasoned yogi’s as she can cater to all levels. An excellent teacher.“
Jamie - Corporate Yoga

“Gráinne has transformed my strength and flexibility. I have been taking pilates sessions with her for a couple of years now and I count myself very fortunate to have discovered such a wonderful fitness instructor. Due to a skiing accident many years ago, I have suffered problems with knee pain and balance.

When I first met Gráinne, she spent a lot of time to understand my specific issues and objectives. Based on those discussions, she designed exercise programmes that struck the right balance between encouraging me to extend myself during each session, whilst being careful not to cause discomfort.

The results speak for themselves – my strength, balance and flexibility are better than ever and those improvements have enabled me to ski with greater confidence. This is very much thanks to Gráinne and her careful approach. Gráinne’s sessions are also varied and good fun – she truly epitomises « Grá » (love) for Fitness »”

Rosemary – One To One Tailored Session

“Gráinne has been delivering our corporate yoga programme for the last year and I can honestly say she is now an integral part of our organisation’s Wednesday evening routine. Despite the varying fitness levels, she ensures that the class is suitable for all attendees and provides individual attention based on each person’s needs. Gráinne’s calm and gentle approach really creates a relaxing atmosphere which allows our group to unwind after a busy day, while ensuring that we all get a good workout. I would highly recommend Grá for Fitness to any organisation looking to introduce a wellness programme that encourages mindfulness, increases physical strength and flexibility and also boosts morale/engagement (our yoga club is thriving).”
Tatiana - Corporate Yoga

I've always practiced outdoor sports only, but when I gave a try to indoor Pilates classes with Grainne, about three years ago, I understood my habit was a bit limiting. Now I can't wait to get my Pilates workout... even when I feel the "legacy" for days after! Every class, in fact, is different and every time I discover specific muscles I've never known to have.
Grainne is funny, professional and passionate and, like in our schooldays, you love what you do if the teacher is enthusiastic about what she teaches. She knowledgeably moves around correcting postures or any "cheating" movements, but also offers modifications. I feel better after every class and definitely wouldn't recommend anybody else.”
Rita – Corporate Pilates

"Pilates with Gráinne is a great "me" time during the day. She is dedicated, precise, friendly and experienced. Doing Pilates with Gráinne is a great way of keeping my body fit, while enjoying the efforts that naturally come with a physical challenge. After a few weeks of training I got such tangible benefits, that I would not miss one class now. I could not recommend Gráinne more!"
Marcello – Corporate Pilates

“Gráinne is the best Pilates instructor I've ever encountered. Her knowledge of the practice and skill in adapting to varying abilities in the class is second to none. Her teaching style is very natural and relaxed but that's not to say that she doesn't work us hard! Every session is different, and you never get bored or complacent as she will always step it up a notch just when you think you've cracked it! She takes a keen interest in everyone's wellbeing and progress and always finds time to help and improve individual techniques. I don't know what I'd do without our morning and lunchtime classes with her – we're a better workplace for it!”
Aoife – Corporate Pilates

"I started training with Gráinne three years ago when I had a very complicated foot injury that meant my usual forms of exercise; hiking and climbing, were denied me. Gráinne designed a low impact high intensity workout regime for me which meant I could still get the workout while rehabilitating my foot injury. Now my injury is healed I still go and love every session. Gráinne can mix it up so that no two workouts are the same which keeps me interested and more importantly working hard. She continually upgrades her knowledge so she is fully up to date with what is happening in the health and fitness industry. I work as a Yoga/Pilates instructor myself so I know a good instructor when I see one.  I have already recommended Gráinne to friends and will keep doing so."
Pauline  - Personal Training

“Sunday mornings start with Gráinne and Pilates at 10! It sets me up for the day...Gráinne has an incredible ability to both challenge and encourage. Every muscle is worked and stretched through a varied and fast paced routine. I would recommend Gráinne’s class to anyone interested in toning up and feeling good!” 
Aideen – Sculpt & Tone Pilates

“I find Gráinne's Pilates/Yoga classes focused and challenging in a very positive way. What sets them apart from classes I have attended in the past is the timing and precision of the exercises. The classes are varied and interesting and you can be guaranteed that your balance, flexibility, coordination and overall strength will be challenged during every session.”
Vincent – Corporate Pilates / Yoga